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Frankie Taylor:
jfk, Once again. Amazing work. Classic FPS Game Play. I'm not sure if you plan to build more levels, but, it would be nice to see the plot unfold.

First of all, I have to say this is an amazing accomplishment. It shows both how capable you are, and how capable blitz is. I certainly respect this work. (Oh, and Wow! Decals on the people...err...corpses. Am I seeing things??) The water effect is beautiful. The style and textures give the map such depth. The doors are done well. The crates look great. And so many other things...but you know that already.

this thing SERIOUSLY rocks. I was always impressed by the first stuff you release jfk, but this new stuff is really good.

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no wait, Metapad, a nice Notepad replacement :)

CSP Game Engine

The CSP Game Engine is a first person perspective game engine for Win32 and DirectX. This project was started a few years ago by a small number of PC games programming enthusiasts. Over time more and more features were added.

Due to third party requests we have made the tools available, based on a Engine License product. We are desperately trying to put a full game together. The level design takes a lot of time, noless we have released a few maps in the past.

We are still looking for team members, especially character and map designers, as well as GUI specialists.

Punk's not dead!

And so are we. Although it's kind of scary to see how times goes by and that we're still using DX7, we nevertheless proudly present a new Version of the Game engine. A Dialogue system was implemeted. Furthermore many, many things were added, fixed or removed, of course. Most important: we have a new License Model. Now we offer a free Game Construction Kit with an Engine Binary that contains a little watermark. With this Kit noncommercial Games may be created and released as you wish. For commercial Products a License must be purchased.

I also used some 3D Level Design by Arteria3D this time. I really like the artistic skills of Steve, it adds live to a game. Additionally some NPCs by Fasttrack are in use and allow an impression on how this may look with professionally designed Characters and MOCAP Animation. So I wish you a lot of fun with this Freeware multilevel Reference Game titled "The Blob Conspiracy". You may also download the whole CSP Game Construction Kit and some misc tools from the Downloads Section

The new NPC Dialogue System is designed with low production budget in mind: For the Face Mimics that are required to do the lipsync animation a simple set of 5 Face Textures is required. They will then be morphed in order to smooth the animation. The system still needs some tweaking but it's already pretty nice. Just watch it in the Game.

It's a dual choice system and for example pickable items in the Game can trigger an NPC to switch to an other dialogue file. It's nice when you got a dozen of experienced Voices, eg. from the cinema industry, but for the sake of simplicity I was using Speech synthesis from Cepstral this time, pretty good and the Licenses are affordable. In the end of the day this whole Dialogue Kit allows a single person to create a lot of dialogues, all on one computer and without actors, MOCAP Equipment and other Costs.

There may still be some glitches and bugs, but I think the Gameplay is pretty good now. For the combat situations I used to add some more coincedense/randomness to the lethality of the players bullets, so the gunfights remain rather unpredictable. The levels in the Reference Game 10 show how diffrent they actually can be. One is more like some kind of adventure game chapter while an other one is a 100% "first shoot, then ask". It makes me really happy to see this Game and Kit released after all. Although some of the glitches may be fixed in the near future, this Version is about the Final Version. 10 Years of Development should be enough, no? :) Have fun with it!

Older news

A grass engine was added. The editor allows to define grass zones. Primitives are used to cover areas where grass should grow. Density, range, contingent of quads and more of the grass can be defined in a cfg file. The approximate color and brightness of every quads underlying piece of ground is sampled and used to pseudo- lightmap the grass quads individually.

The result is a breathtaking atmosphere of shadow and light. The grass quads are animated, using offset sinus rotation. Wind speed and force are defined in the cfg file as well. It is a simple system and it isn't perfect. But if you actually play a game and don't just stare at the grass all the time then it surely adds some realism to the look and feel of outdoor scenes.

I have to confess, again I made a big mistake when I designed this demo level. This map is looking like a volcano crater. The player can often look from one end to the other end of the map. So I had to set the camera range up to about 550. So basicly the whole map is rendered and processed all the time. Therefor on an older card like eg. the radeon 9200 the framerate will drop down to a number that feels more like a slideshow.

Nonetheless it's perfect possible to create fast maps, including dense grass. Just design them with a low camera range in mind. For outdoor areas this would be canyons that are obstructing the players sight.


Over the years the engine has been edited again and again and unfortunately now there is some inconsistence in the way things are used. This is confusing people and makes it harder to learn how use the engine.

But the good news is this problem can be solved with relative ease. Every configuration whatsoever can easily be made with a simple GUI tool. So the plan is to write a graphical user interface that "wraps" all settings, config files etc. of the engine and allows to run the several editors in additional windows or to test an edited level with the game engine.

If this is once done then I want to add something like conditional dialogues and dialogue based storylines. I wish I could start with this now, but the GUI thing must be finished first. :o/

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